On this webshop you can find our NOS parts from VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche which we have in stock

This website shows you a few of the VAG carparts we have in stock or we can order. A lot of these parts are NOS (New Old Stock) so stock is limited, so if it’s sold out, you snooze you lose!!  We also have second hand parts & we can also order a lot of parts.  New stock is added every now and then but because it takes a lot of time to add new products, it will not be possible to add everything in the webshop. So if you search for something, don’t hesitate to contact us. We try to help you as soon as possible and we look if the product you search is in stock or if we can order.

In order to recognize if a product is original or aftermarket, you can look to the referencenumber. Een original product has referencenumber starting with OE and an aftermarket product has referencenumber starting with AF.

Attention: if there is any doubt about the product fitting your car, please send us email with the details of your car before you order.

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Idle Air Control Valve fits a lot of cars as well as not VAG cars

Idle Air Control Valve fits for example:

- Audi 100 88-92

- Audi 80/90 87-95

- Vw Golf 89-98 + convertible 94-98

- Vw Passat 88-97

- Vw Polo 82-94, 96-00

- Vw Jetta 88-92

- Vw Vento 92-95


Also fits a lot of cars not VAG related.  Please check your original number or Bosch reference number (3 437 010 524)


Ignition Lock with 2 keys

Ignition lock with 2 keys fits:

Audi 50 75-78

Audi 80 79-84

Audi Coupe 81-87

Audi Quattro 80-91

Vw Beetle 8/71-

Vw Caddy 83-92

Vw Golf 77-92

Vw Golf Convertible 79-93

Vw Iltis 79-88

Vw Jetta 79-91

Vw Passat/Santana 78-88

Vw Polo 75-90

Vw Scirocco 74-92

Vw Type 3 68-74

Vw Karmann Ghia 8/70-

Vw Type 2 8/70-7/79

Vw Type 25 05/79-08/92

Vw Type 181

Vw 411/412

Porsche 914 71-76

Porsche 924


Door handle chrome rear left Vw Golf 1

Door handle chrome left rear Vw Golf 1 (1 piece in stock)

Watch out: there are different systems, some of them can be built to other younger or older systems but not always


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Metal plate B + year


Original Parts Catalogue Vw K70


Idle Air Control Valve fits a lot of cars as well as not VAG cars